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Wonderful Agatha Christie Greenway House Experiences

Wonderful Agatha Christie Greenway House Experiences

Services resumed this weekend to Greenway House aboard Christie Belle from Dartmouth to Greenway  as did all services from Dittisham.  It was a beautiful weekend and much busier than we expected.  The Totnes to Dartmouth / Dartmouth to Totnes Ferry resumes service on 1st March.  The river is beautiful this time of year and more enjoyable than ever.

Passengers whom have travelled with us before will already be aware of our last years difficulties with regards to PLC trying to damage our business and enter us into a price war. We started this season afresh, in the hope that we could put this behind us and move on, however after beginning service this weekend it all began again – we once again have to reiterate the following:

Passengers wishing to travel with us please note the following: If you do not want to book online and would prefer to pay on the boat on your day of travel please note that a rival PLC  which hold the monopoly of  river travel is currently giving our passengers incorrect information and misleading them. Please ignore these attempts of deception to coerce you into travelling with them, this is prevalent when departing from Steamer Quay Totnes and the Dartmouth Town Pontoon. If you are unsure of anything please do give us a call and we will be happy to assist. We are a family run company and do not need to deceive our passengers to sell tickets.  We would much rather give you value for money from the first instance so you travel with us for a fair fare! 

That said, please don’t be put off.  The area in which operate is some of the most beautiful in the country, peaceful and tranquil.  The array of wildlife is amazing as are the views.  This is our favourite time of year, so pop and see us.

The Vintage Bus resumes services this Wednesday from Torquay and Paignton to Greenway and is a wonderful way to arrive directly to the door of Greenway House visitor reception.  Spring is on its way to springing so come and take a peek and grab a bowl of fresh soup homemade by the National Trust.

All our services from Torquay and Brixham resume on Good Friday which will see the Fairmile return after the most substantial refit we have yet to do.  She will have a brand new look so keep an eye out for something special.

Keep Calm and Sail on

from the Greenway Ferry Crew

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