Apr 2013 19

Full Update on project Fairmile. The Bays newest but oldest seagoing attraction! For all of you asking, Fairmile will return to service the first week of May. The project is very close to completion which will see Fairmile with a brand new but original styled look updating her passenger comfort and increasing passenger capacity but remembering what she was built to be – a defender of our country in His Majesties Royal Navy. Gone are the bright blue and white colours, replaced with English Channel camouflage used during WWII and her original service number RML497 (Rescue Motor Launch 497). Gone is the bar saloon on the top deck, replaced with a sickbay which now holds an original 1950s bar dispensing alcoholic medicine! We have commissioned a brand new porthole style canopy which is being delivered next week and to top it all of opens a brand new fully upholstered bar on the lower deck in the old Ward Room. Draught beer will be available on board, special sound effects have been installed and we are pleased to announce that we can now cover 130 passengers in complete opulence! During this winter Fairmile’s project has included a new deck, new ship floors, new watertight bulkheads, been rewired and seen new compartments open to passengers. Fairmile is part of The National Heritage Ship Fleet and for the first time will be flying a specially adapted ensign to celebrate this.

We are truly looking forward to welcoming everyone on board to the vessel which not only fought for the county during the war but also for the past 66 years as the bays largest and original Torquay to Brixham Ferry as Western Lady III. Generations have travelled on her and now for the first time you can do 40’s style.

We would personally like to thank not only all the maintenance staff and shipwrights but our local’s, Facebook and twitter followers and previous passengers. Thank you for supporting our family run company which has helped us restore and keep in service Fairmile, the Bay and River Darts heroic and true Lady.

Special pictures to follow very soon!

Keep Calm and Sail On! We have taken the liberty of tagging friends and passengers whom we know have had a trip on Fairmile, please share! See you on the water very soon from all of us here

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