Greenway House

Greenway House - Greenway FerryGreenway house and garden: ‘the loveliest place in the world’

There is certainly no better, easier or popular way to arrive at Greenway House than by river boat, or vintage bus – this extraordinary glimpse into the beloved holiday home of the famous and much-loved author Agatha Christie and her family.

The relaxed and atmospheric house is set in the 1950s, and contains many of the family’s collections, including archaeology, Tunbridgeware, silver, botanical china and books. Outside you can explore the large and romantic woodland garden, with a restored vinery, wild edges and rare plantings, which drifts down the hillside towards the sparkling Dart estuary.

The gardens are at their most glorious in the spring – full of camellias, magnolias and Greenway House viewspring bulbs. Why not join one of the gardeners for a camellia walk and find out about the spring gardens?

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Explore the beautiful Georgian mansion in the heart of the English Riviera.  Agatha Christie was Greenway’s most famous owner, and her extensive collections fill the house. With beautiful views of the river, it is easy to see why she called it the ‘loveliest place in the world’.

Unravel Greenway’s exciting past

Greenway LibraryGreenway has been captivating people for centuries, with a history going back long before the best-selling crime writer Agatha Christie lived here. Each owner made their mark on Greenway, introducing lovely elements such as the boathouse.

Agatha Christie grew up loving Greenway; she was born in Torquay and had always been enchanted by this magnificent building on the high banks above the River Dart. When she saw it for sale in 1938 she couldn’t resist buying it, and it became her family holiday home, and later the home of her daughter and son-in-law, Rosalind and Anthony Hicks.

Don’t miss

  • The Peach House; a recent project has restored it to its former glory
  • The views from the Top Garden over the river are breathtaking
  • The boathouse – the perfect place to relax by the river
  • The frieze in the library is an unexpected show stopper
  • A changing programme of exhibitions in the barn gallery
  • Find out about Agatha and her husband Max’s time on archaeology digs


In most rooms in the house there are scrapbooks with fun facts and information about the rooms and Agatha’s time at Greenway. Pick them up on your visit to find out more.

Don’t forget to ask our fantastic volunteers and questions you have – they are full of information

The drawing room is furnished with items from Agatha’s childhood home of Ashfield, Torquay, the drawing room was where the family gathered in the evenings for music, games and first readings of new manuscripts. It was added on to the building in 1815 along with the dining room, which makes it the newest part of the house.

The Steinway Piano – Agatha trained as a concert pianist but was too shy to perform, even for her family. The only person she would play for was her second husband, Max Mallowan.  When you visit why not play the piano? If you haven’t got musical fingers, we often have volunteers playing for you to listen to and enjoy.


There’s an event for everyone at Greenway, from fun for families with bushcraft and bat events, to special meals in the heart of the house and in-depth tours.

Find out about the events at Greenway

All this information has been taken from the National Trust Website – for full information on Greenway House visit the National Trust Website directly.

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